Building a Case for a Small Law Firm

Posted by on Nov 17, 2015 in Law Firms, Tips and Advice

In order to push your law firm ahead of the competition it’s important to focus your marketing efforts on delivering your unique advantage: the value your law office provides, the benefits a client will get from working with you, the results you’ve achieved and any creative solutions you use in a bid to solve tricky legal issues.

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Build a Presence Online

Nowadays, the Internet is the first point of call that a person will turn to when it comes to law firm marketing and how people decide on the law firms they want to work with. By having a good presence on social media platforms, a blog that is interesting and a website the highlights why you are the right company to deal with aids the process of building a case for a small law firm against bigger corporations. By being a smaller law company you can also provide a more personal touch to the services you offer, which a bigger company might not be able to provide.

Focus on a Small Niche

uniqueInstead of trying to be a generalist and cover every area related to law, choose a specific area that enables you to focus on a niche market. This way you will become well adapt in your chosen area rather than coming across as someone who doesn’t know much about the many areas of law they decided to focus on.

Building a Case for a Small Law Firm

There are various ways that a small law firm can attract consumers to use the services they have on offer; however, it’s vital to get the right message across in the first place. When meeting a potential client accentuate the benefits you can provide to clients through the specific experience you have with their legal situation. Discuss with your prospective client the results you have achieved for previous clients, but make sure you don’t ruin your well-earned reputation by stepping over the ethical boundaries of client confidentiality. A potential client will quickly walk away from your services if they can see how easily it is for a lawyer to discuss a previous client’s legal case with no moral boundaries in place.

The Benefits of Social Media

social2Social media is prevalent nowadays and is a good way of showcasing the work you’ve done with followers who can keep up-to-date on what you have achieved. By having a solid website you can highlight the services you offer and let clients get comfortable with the idea of hiring you beforehand.

Highlighting Case Studies

Relevant case studies on your website are another good idea to have in place as these will give clients a better understanding as to what work you have focused on and the results you achieved. It’s a good idea to have these case studies targeted toward the layman, someone who can easily understand what is has been written instead of including the law jargon that is often associated with law reports that they may not understand as clearly.

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